The use of Coleus Forskohlii otherwise dubbed Forskolin for weight loss has spread widely. With the many people suffering from weight issues and more so unsightly belly fat, the quest for a solution that works has led to myriads of weight loss products. Good thing is, Coleus Forskohlii works to give you a slimmer balanced look by getting rid of that protruding belly while maintaining toned abs in the process.

Product description

coleus forskohliiColeus Forskohlii has been long used for medicinal uses in the treatment of asthma, insomnia, allergies, angina, convulsions, blood clots and high blood pressure among many others. In this day and age it is used as a fat burning supplement in the dietary realm for weight loss. It has been endorsed by medical experts including the renowned Dr. Oz for its effectiveness in burning belly weight. It is a constituent of the mint and lavender family and has been used in its ancient Ayurvedic plant form medicinally for a long time to date.

Coleus Forskohlii Uses

Factors such as stress, hormonal make up, lifestyle choices and diet can lead to the accumulation of fat around the belly. This belly fat is both unsightly and can foster low self confidence and unhealthy. Coleus Forskohlii is used to blast away this fat and leave a leaner, more balanced look. It is meant for adults over 18 years of age and has been proven safer than artificial products. Because different people might react differently, any unwanted effects may call for immediate cessation of the medication. Coleus Forskohlii should not be used besides prescription medicine unless if authorised by doctors and should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women.


Dr Oz recommends a dosage of a standardized 20% for Coleus Forskohlii at 125mg in the morning for effective weight loss. Lower levels of standardization will also work but will have slower effects. Supplement labels should be read to get the requisite dosages since there are many different types of supplements.

How Coleus Forskohlii works

Coleus Forskohlii works by enhancing the discharge of fatty acids from the tummy’s adipose tissue. The makeup of this component fosters a sequence of responses that cause a thermo genesis effect. Through thermo genesis, the amount of an enzyme called adenylate cylate increases. Consequentially, this boosts an increase in the amount of another enzyme called the cyclic AMP. This enzyme brings further stimulates the Enzyme Lipase which burns up fatty cells that were discharged through a process called lipolysis. 


Most obese and overweight people have inadequate levels of the cyclic AMP enzyme. This enzyme is important in triggering biochemical processes that cause the breakdown of fats to release energy. Since Coleus Forskohlii is a cyclic AMP agonist, belly fat is burned up and energy produced making the person more energetic. There is a very fast breakdown of fats because of thermo genesis therefore higher internal temperature that boosts metabolism so that calories burn faster and more excretion. This makes it necessary to keep hydrated while taking this supplement. Generally as Dr Oz puts it, there is loss of body fat and a boost in lean body mass.

Benefits of Coleus Forskohlii

plantA natural supplement devoid of synthetic side effects.

It boosts metabolism thus high energy to perform tasks with.

Being a plant extract it is suitable for all including vegans and vegetarians.

Effective for all body types.

Burns fat in the belly internally but maintain lean muscles. This leaves a flatter belly with smooth, toned abs.

Healthy way to lose weight effectively and safely.

Additional benefits like better cardiovascular operation and improved memory because of the enhanced neurotransmitter functioning caused by the cyclic AMP enzyme.

A 2005 study at the Department of Health, Sport and Exercise at the University of Kansas has proven it highly effective. It is also recommended by many medical experts for weight loss including world famous Dr. Oz.

Burns tummy fat and prevents any new fat from forming through its dual effect mechanism.

Works fast and is an easier and faster option than dieting and exercise regimens.

Boosts confidence by fostering excess belly fat weight loss.

With the advent of Coleus Forskohlii, there is no excuse for walking with your head hung low because you cannot stand that excess weight. If you are old enough and pass the criteria to take the Coleus Forskohlii pill, then do just that and watch the fat melt away.